Rebuilding Society on Meaning

Imagine a society where everyone gets support to live their most meaningful life. One person gets unbridled creativity; another, service and love; a third confronts the world’s greatest challenges.

We believe this is within reach, if we aim for it. And that attempting it will reverse the modern trends towards resignation, cynicism, isolation, and polarization. But it means changing the structure of markets, tech, organizations, and more. Over eight years, we’ve developed the necessary tools. Now, it's time to build.


We take a rigorous approach to life meaning, making it concrete and actionable, creating new cultures and institutions aligned with it.

How to Exit the Void

Learn to exit the world of gloom and doom, bullshit and boredom, and enter the future where meaning, beauty, and vitality flourish. (30min video)

How to Align Social Systems

Learn how can we align align markets, recommender systems, products, and organizations with our values. (1hr video)

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