Wise AI & Social Transformation

We exist to bring about a future where AGI and humanity cooperate on human and planetary flourishing. We have a particular vision for how this should work:

First, we need artificial general intelligence that's as wise is as it is smart: that understands itself in situations of moral weight. It should be wise in a human-compatible way—developing and elaborating its values in collaboration with human groups.

Second, we need a positive vision for an AGI future, where groups of various sizes, in partnership with these wise AIs, collaboratively steward resources—not to maximize financial return or even some static notion of well-being—but towards the more dynamic target of meaningful living for the group and beyond.

Such collaboratively-stewarded, life-affirming communities can eventually out-compete older collectivities, like corporations and nations—not because of profit or power, but because life will be much better inside them, so people and assets will migrate into them. And because human beings, living their fullest lives in collaboration with wise AIs, will be creative and exploratory, so these communities will thus reap huge advantages, not only in quality of life, but also in scientific progress and creative output.

We have concrete ideas, which we advance with our partners, on how to aim at ‘flourishing’ in a pluralist way, and how ‘Wise AI’ can work.


To this end we pursue three activities

  1. We coordinate research on wise AI with partners in major labs and institutions.
  2. We prepare people for this collaboration, by helping them be clear about the kinds of meaningful living that wise AI can amplify.
  3. We prepare society, by articulating this positive vision so that policymakers, corporations, and the public can orient towards this future, and avoid the darker ones.


We coordinate research across multiple labs to create ML models that: (1) develop their own values and sources of meaning in positions of responsibility; (2) understand and support the meanings behind important human practices like science, democracy, education, leadership, and love, as well as what's meaningful to individual users.

How to Align Social Systems

Learn how can we align markets, recommender systems, products, and organizations with our values. (1hr video)

Prepare People

We prepare people for collaborating with AGIs, by helping them be clear about the kinds of meaningful living that wise AI can amplify. We do this by developing AI-augmented tools that help people uncover their sources of meaning and connect around them.

How to Exit the Void

Learn to exit the world of gloom and doom, bullshit and boredom, and enter the future where meaning, beauty, and vitality flourish. (30min video)

Prepare Society

We prepare society, by articulating a positive, inspiring social vision that policymakers, corporations, and the public can orient towards, and thus avoiding the darker, fear-based ones. We do this by pioneering unique cultural research and strategy, and through transformative public campaigns that spread our vision.

Get Involved

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